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Enterstate Real Estate Co-GP
Principal Investments

  • Enterstate's Real Estate Co-GP Investment Platform provides GP equity to real estate sponsors managing Joint Venture partnerships across multiple investment strategies ("Sponsor Partners")

We have the capabilities of providing our Sponsor Partners with some or all of the following:

  • GP co-invest, typically up to 80%

  • Pursuit and pre-development capital

  • Note guarantee (select cases)

Our Sponsor Partners benefit from Enterstate's integrated capital markets arm that can source LP/JV equity from third party investors:

  • Enterstate has relationships with some of the largest and most sophisticated investment groups in the world, including private equity real estate funds, life insurance companies, and pension funds, as well as with discrete under the radar family offices and private investment firms


  • $0.1-10 million of the General Partner commitment

  • Participation in the LP commitment (by raising capital from third party investors)

GP Participation:

  • 25-60% depending on the Co-GP contribution percentage, merits of the deal, and LP funding amount

Sponsor Criteria:

  • Access to quality deal flow

  • Experienced management teams with specialized expertise

  • Proven investment history

  • Potential to outperform established investment firms industry benchmarks

  • Preference for sponsors seeking a programmatic Co-GP relationship

Representative Structure
80% of the GP Contribution
Sponsor Partner
20% of the GP Contribution
Sponsor reduces its GP
Contribution by 80%, allowing it to pursue additional deals
GP Contribution
10-20% of the Equity
LP Contribution
80-90% of the Equity
Enterstate's Capital
Markets arm provides
access to thousands of
potential LP investors
Joint Venture Entity
(holds up to 100 % of the interests in the Property LLC)
Our Sponsor Partners can reduce their GP Contribution by up to 80%,
freeing up capital to pursue additional deals. 

In addition, they benefit from our robust, integrated capital markets arm focused exclusively on raising LP equity, thereby providing complete equity solutions for the deal
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