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Real Estate Operating Company Investments


Investments in high potential small to medium-size real estate investment platforms seeking capital to boost operations and fund GP contributions for future portfolio investments


Real estate sponsors should demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Access to quality deal flow

  • Experienced management teams with specialized expertise

  • Proven investment history

  • Scalable investment strategies and operating platforms

  • Potential to outperform established investment firms / industry benchmarks 


  • $2-50 million

Proceeds Use:

  • Support operations (team, marketing, sourcing)

  • Fund portfolio GP contribution


  • New Platform: Establishment of a new operating platform to pursue portfolio investments

  • Existing Platform: Acquisition of an ownership interest in an existing real estate company

  • GP Capital Program: Programmatic GP capital for portfolio investments, alongside the sponsor and joint venture partners. The investor does not own an ownership interest in the operating company but establishes a programmatic relationship with the sponsor to pursue portfolio investments

Sponsor / Company
Common / JV Equity
Preferred Equity




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